Number Portability between telecom companies became mandatory in Finland in 2003. Numpac operates and governs the national Master Database and related processes for number portability.

Number Portablitiy Serices are seperated into two categories:

  • Number portability service is a set of services that enable telecom companies to move a telecom number from one to another. The service ensures that porting is carried out according to defined process. It also makes sure that all telecom companies receive a notification of the change. The service offers a Web-based interface for companies with small amount of number porting events. For large companies we offer M2M interface that enables integration to company's CRM-systems.
  • Number routing service is a service for telecom companies with own networks. The service provides notifications of number portings in real time. Telecom companes use this information to update their call routing information.

Numpac also offers HelpDesk service for solving the challenges related to number portability. We also offer a number query service both for general public ( and telecom companies ( These services tell the telecom company that is currently operating any given number.